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Q4 2013 End of Life Features
At Box, we're continuously working to improve the user experience, and sometimes that means removing overly complex or rarely used functionality to make room for an even better product. Full details on several such features that will be removed from the Box product throughout this quarter are available below. 
If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the team at business-support@box.com. 
  • Beginning in mid-November, 2013, we will begin rolling out the new preview UI to all Box users, with full roll-out expected in the following weeks. As users receive the new preview, the current feature that allows them to 'like' a file on Box or see which files their colleagues have 'liked' will be removed from the interface. 
  • Additionally, you will also no longer be able to view any statistics on files that have been liked in the past.
  • On November 15, 2013, we will be transitioning from the current WebDav (https://www.box.com/dav) to a new version (https://dav.box.com/dav) that provides added stability and performance improvements. Please change the URL in any internal apps before November 15 to ensure your users can continue accessing content via WebDav. 
  • We are also announcing broader support for WebDAV on more platforms. Previously Box only supported WebDAV for ioS devices, but our new webDAV server will work with many WebDAV clients.   
  • Following the launch of an improved v2 of the Box Content API last year, we will be deprecating the v1 API on December 13, 2013. For help transitioning any internal apps to v2, please reference the migration guide at https://cloud.app.box.com/s/uoc5cp3vkz6vr95mpsva 
  • We are ending support for Box SimpleShare, a desktop tool for capturing screenshots and screencastvideos for quick uploading to Box, after January 31, 2014. 
  • Several applications in Box’s broad developer ecosystem provide similar functionality to SimpleShare, including:

    • Screencast-o-matic: A new Box integration, available on Mac & Windows, creates one-click, professional quality screen captures and automatically uploads them to Box.  More info: http://screencast-o-matic.com/  
    • Greenshot: A light-weight, free utility for taking screenshots on Windows.  Advanced capabilities include annotation and the ability to capture scrolling web pages from Internet Explorer.  More info: http://getgreenshot.org/  
    • ShareX: An open source utility for taking screenshots on Windows.  Advanced capabilities include annotations and the ability to capture screenshots with transparency and shadow.  More info: https://code.google.com/p/sharex/  
    • CloudZap: A paid integration for taking screenshots on Windows.  Advanced capabilities include OCR and a printer driver.  More info: http://www.cloudzap.net/  
    • Screenpresso: A paid integration for taking HD screencasts and screenshots.  Advanced capabilities include a built-in vector-based image editor and capturing scrolling views.  More info: http://www.screenpresso.com/  
    • Mac SimpleShare: A third party developer has volunteered to take over the Mac version of  Box SimpleShare.  It is available from: http://www.getsimpleshare.com/.  As it no longer carries the Box brand, it will not be supported by the Box Support team, but questions can be directed to the external developer. It is listed in our app store: https://cloud.box.com/services/browse/my/simpleshare.   
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