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In addition to the standard Box for Salesforce integration, you can also embed specific Box folders into Salesforce as custom web tabs. This is great for directing Salesforce users to important and relevant content, such as Sales Portals, Marketing Portals, and other training materials, while also keeping them centrally managed, reported on and stored in Box.



It may be helpful to start by setting up the standard Box for Salesforce integration. If you already have set this up or don’t wish to set it up initially, skip step 1. 

  1. Install the bundle:
    1. Follow the steps in full, including adding the Box Files tab to several record types, such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Leads.

  2. Add a custom Box Embed tab:
    1. Start by finding an appropriate folder in your Box account to embed Box in Salesforce. Great examples are marketing collateral, sales portals, and really any information that would benefit a user if readily available. This link describes how to embed content.

    2. Create a web tab in Salesforce by going to Setup > App Setup > Create > Tabs. Choose New in the section labeled Web Tabs, then click Next, choosing a ‘Full page width’ web tab. For ‘Tab Type’, select URL. You’ll want to create a name for the tab that will relate well to the content being embedded. Once you’ve named your tab and chosen a ‘Tab Style’, click Next. 

    3. Now you’re ready to paste in the URL created after selecting your Box embed folder. Use the following link structure: width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT" frameborder="0"

    4. You can grab this embed code and modify it by following the embed instructions at this page Alternatively, the ‘SHARED_LINK_VALUE’ is simply the shared link value of the folder you’re embedding. If you generated a shared link on the folder, the value is the same as the 20-character string after (‘’).



Note: You can also include custom parameters for your Box embed tab, including hiding the breadcrumb to ‘All Files’ for simplicity and removing the comments and tasks. Additionally, you can promote Box OpenBox actions like ‘Post to Chatter.’ See for steps.

A great app to consider promoting would be ‘Post to Chatter’ (app ID 1476). An example of an embed URL that has both Post to Chatter and ‘Email with Salesforce’ (app ID 840) promoted, as well as a gray color theme and no access to ‘All Files’ (removal of the breadcrumb) is as follows:,1476&show_item_feed_actions=no&view=grid&session_expired=true" width="500" height="400" frameborder="0"

  • Customize your tabs to expose the new Box embed in your Salesforce environment as a tab.
  • Lastly, finish up with steps 3. and 4. in the New Web Tab setup by choosing which user profiles and custom apps to add the tab to, finishing by clicking Save. 

The End Result

1. Easy access to your most relevant information!


2. A great content experience and the ability to preview many file types including PDFs and rich media.


3. The ability to easily post your files to Chatter groups and socialize content.


Other advantages include the ability to sync the files for offline access, the ability to easily share them with people inside and outside the organization that may or may not have Salesforce with shared links, and the ability to provide feedback to the content creators via comments. 


Using Chatter?

Make sure you can post to specific Chatter groups from Box embed. Follow these instructions for setting up the integration.


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