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As an end user, if you install the MobileIron MDM application (AppConnect), you must setup your account within the application, specify the account to login to the AppConnect apps, provide the pin required to login.

To access Box for MobileIron application from a mobile device, follow this procedure:

  1. The Mobile@work Secure Apps Manager screen is displayed when you access the Box for ME application from your mobile device:
    • For iOS devices, click on the Box for ME application.
    • For Android devices, contact your administrator or Box CSM.

  2. Enter your 4-digit MobileIron passcode. The Box Log In screen for the Box for ME authentication screen is displayed.

  3. Your corporate email address is pre-populated in the username field of the Box authentication screen (if you administrator has permitted this feature). Verify your email address and click Authorize.

    • If a user's email does not exist in this enterprise or if an enterprise doesn't have SSO set up with Box, the password field is displayed for this user/enterprise.
    • After successfully logging in (and SSO auto-provisioning is enabled), the SSO login page is displayed for this user.
  4. You are redirected to your organization's login page. Enter your passkey credentials. Once authenticated, you can start collaborating, storing, and accessing your content from Box for MobileIron!


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