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This article provides details on the mobile site. The site allows you the flexibility of accessing your mobile content without downloading the Box mobile application (app).


What is

With, Box provides mobile access to all of your content without downloading the Box mobile app.


What are the features supported by

The mobile site is a streamlined version of the Box web app and supports the following features:

  • Document viewing and navigation:
    • Document preview experience using HTML5 document preview.
    • Intuitive navigation - folders and files appear in a list and are easy to use as they are optimized for mobile devices.
  • Performance:
    • is optimized for speed and is built for high-latency networks used by mobile users.
    • Box has reduced the access size for this app by removing substantially the JS and CSS dependencies. 
  • Folder management (via the + icon):
    • The + icon allows you to perform the following folder management tasks:
      • Create a new folder at the root level or within the current folder.
      • Upload items directly to the current folder.
      • Upload items to the current folder via email attachment.  (Selecting 'Upload via Email' will provide a specified email address for sending.)
    • The ellipses icon gives you the ability to rename or delete the current folder.
  • Collaboration and sharing:
    • Add and manage collaborators at any access level. The person (Collaborator) icon allows you to add or view collaborators:
      • Invite Collaborator: Enter the email address to invite a new collaborator and assign the access level that the collaborator is allowed for this folder.
      • View Collaborators: See View a list of collaborators for any folder.
    • Shared link support is similar to how the Box mobile app works. The link icon allows you to share a link for the current folder.
      • If sharing is enabled, the shared link is displayed (along with the settings icon to change the shared link type).
      • If sharing is not enabled, tap the Enable button to share links.
      • Your default email client is used to share links.
  • Accessibility: Built for accessibility from the ground up.


Is the UI the same as the Box native mobile app UI?

The UI is aligned with the Box native mobile app, and is designed to have the same general layout and visual design.

The mobile browser version of the UI is displayed in the following image:

The desktop browser version of the UI is displayed in the following image:


Is available from any browser?

Yes, you can access the mobile site from any browser, including a browser that does not have JS and CSS enabled.

The mobile site and Box native mobile app have similar user interfaces and provide the most critical features available in the Box web app.


How do I open shared links in other applications? 

When you click on a Box shared link in another app (for example, an email app) you can view that file in the site in a mobile browser. Once you are in, your viewing experience depends on various factors. For example:


How do Box shared links work if I have installed multiple Box mobile apps?

The site has a banner that offers three options:
  • Open the file in the Box native mobile app 
  • Go to the device OS's app store to download the Box native mobile app
  • Stay in the mobile browser to view the document


What happens to shared links if I have multiple Box applications installed?

This answer differs based on the mobile device:

  • iOS Devices: If the shared link cannot be opened in one Box application, Box prompts you to attempt opening the file in another installed Box application.
  • Android Devices: When you select Open in app from the banner, the Android OS displays a list of available Box apps, if any, and allows you to select the app with which you would like to open this file.


Can I enable 2-factor and SSO authentication for

Yes, allows you to enable 2-factor and SSO authentication for


Can I disable access for my enterprise?

Yes, enterprise administrators can disable access by disabling its API key in the Box Admin Console.


What are the limitations and known issues for

  • When viewing the mobile site using an older version of Internet Explorer (7 and below), be aware that you may not be experience the most enhanced interaction or flow. The mobile site is visible and displays most features.
  • The following features are currently not available in our implementation:
    • Box Notes (You can open and view existing Box Notes on However, you cannot create a Box Note.)
    • Box Edit
    • Box Sync
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