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Box Notes, a native document creation tool on Box, is available in iOS mobile applications effective Box for iPhone and iPad 3.2. Box Notes are web-based documents and do not require any additional software. You can use Box Notes to create, edit, and share ideas in real-time with your collaborators. 

Creating Notes in iOS Devices

To create a new note using your Box for iOS device, open the Box for iPhone or Box for iPad application from your device and follow this procedure: 

  1. Navigate to the folder where you'd like to create the new Box Note.
  2. Tap the + icon from the action menu at the bottom of the screen.



3.   Tap Create New Box Note. A new note loads immediately.



4.   Tap the title to edit and assign a new title for this note. 

5.    Start adding content in your new Box Note.

6.    Tap Done to dismiss the keyboard.

Editing Notes in iOS Devices

Like any other Box document, you can find your notes in the folder where you added the note.
  • Tap the file name to open a Box Note.
  • Add or update your Box Notes at any time, and Box automatically saves your note each time. You never need to worry about saving your note.
  • Tap the left arrow icon to return to the parent folder.
  • Tap the collaborators icon to manage access for the folder where the note is saved.

Use the toolbar at the top, to change text formatting:
  • Apply changes to existing text by selecting it before you use any tool.
  • Tap your format and start typing in the new style.


Inserting Images in Box Notes in iOS Devices

You can insert images into Box Notes by clicking the picture icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select one of the following options: Choose from Box, Choose from Library, or Take a Photo. 

After you select an image or take a photo, it will be inserted into your Box Note.


Sharing Notes in iOS Devices

Tap the Share icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your device to get a shared link to the Box Note. Only collaborators with access levels set to Editor or Co-owner can make changes to Box Notes. All other collaborators will only have view access. You have multiple options to share a Box Notes link as depicted in the image below.
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