What Is an Outbound Collaborators Report?



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In August 2014, Box introduced a new report in the Admin Console called the Outbound Collaborators report to provide details on your managed users who collaborate on content outside your enterprise, in folders owned by other users.

An outbound collaborator refers to a managed user who is collaborating in Box with another user outside your enterprise, in folders that are also outside your enterprise. Because the content that is being collaborated on is not under your enterprise's control, the only visibility into this collaboration is provided in the Outbound Collaborators Report.

The Outbound Collaborators report provides the following information for each outside collaboration: 

  • Account: Your managed user's name
  • Account Login: Your managed user's login
  • Owner Login: The external folder's owner login
  • Folder Name: Always called "External Folder"
  • Permission Level: Your managed user's permissions level in the external folder
  • External User's Email:The user who invited your managed user to this folder
  • Invited Date: Invited date
  • Invite Accepted Date: Invitation accepted date

The sidebar of the Reports tab in the Admin Console now displays the Outbound Collaborators report  along with other reports available to Box enterprise admins:

  1. User Reports displays reports specific to users: Usage Logs, User Statistics, Folder & Files Tree, and External Collaborators.
  2. File Reports displays reports specific to files:Files Statistics and Shared Link Details.
  3. More displays the other reports: Security Reports and Outbound Collaborators.

For additional information on how cross-enterprise collaborators are listed and counted, see Cross-Enterprise Collaboration.




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