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As an administrator (admin), you have control over each end user in your Box enterprise account. Box has multiple end users. 

  • Managed user: Most often a user that has been created within your Admin Console. Box Admins and Co-admins have control over these users, you will have the ability to edit, delete, enforce security settings, and run activity reports on these users.
  • External user: An External user is someone you have invited to collaborate in your Box account via a collaboration invitation. An External user is still a person who has a Box account, but the account was not created directly from within your own Box Admin Console. While you are still able to share and collaborate with External Users, your management capabilities over external user accounts are limited to the folders to which you have invited them.
  • Outbound Collaborators: An outbound collaborator refers to a managed user who is collaborating in Box with another user outside your enterprise, in folders that are also outside your enterprise. Because the content that is being collaborated on is not under your enterprise's control, the only visibility into this collaboration is provided in the Outbound Collaborators Report.

Box has improved the performance of the External Users tab in the Admin Console with the following changes effective August 2014:

  • Box does not display outbound collaborators (users who invite managed users in your enterprise to collaborate in folders located outside your enterprise) in this External Users tab.
  • Box provides an Outbound Collaborators Report to display outbound collaborators in the Reports tab.

What Changed in the External Users Tab?

  1. Box no longer displays outbound collaborators in the External Users tab:

  2. The External Users count on the Users tab sidebar will now reflect the count of users outside of your enterprise that are collaborating in your content only.

  3. The External user seat count displayed in the Account Information section differs based on the number of external collaborators as depicted in this image:
    • If you have unlimited external collaborators (see 3 in the following image), the Seats used count will match your managed users.
    • If you have limited external collaborators (see 4 in the following image), the Seats used is the sum of your Managed users and External users.


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