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The Invite Groups to folder setting does not supercede other folder collaborations restrictions and is only applicable for enterprise and business accounts.

If this feature is enabled, end users can invite groups (within an enterprise) to a folder owned by the same enterprise. The folder and the group(s) must be part of this enterprise.

To invite groups, follow this procedure:

  1. Type the group name and see the group auto-complete.
  2. Select the group.
  3. Save your selection.

If you transfer a group-collaborated folder outside the Enterprise, all group collaborations will be removed.


For end users to invite groups to a folder in your enterprise, your enterprise admin must check the Enable group invite check box in the Admin Console (Enterprise Settings > Content & Sharing > Collaborating on Content section) to allow end users to invite groups (from non-admin pages). This setting is enabled by default and provides a corresponding Tip.


Your enterprise admin must also check the "Shared Contacts" check box in the Admin Console (Users and Groups > Managed Users > Select a user > Edit User Access permissions section). This setting is enabled by default when a new user is created, but can be enabled/disabled on a per user basis. 

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