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The Box for Salesforce integration provides end users with a simple and productive workspace. With Box for Salesforce, you, the end user can share, access, and manage all content from within Salesforce:

  • Access Box directly from within the Salesforce interface.
  • Leverage Box’s collaborative capabilities and integrations with other best-of-breed apps.
  • Store relevant files (by associating record-specific folders in Box with Salesforce records) in Box that can be shared internally and externally.


The Salesforce Integration

The integration consists of three parts:

  • Box Files Tab: A tab in Salesforce that gives users access to their All Files and Folders page.
  • Record-Specific Box Widgets: Embedded Box folder widget on each record in Salesforce.
  • Mobile App: Access to record specific folders from within the Salesforce1 mobile app.

Note: Only users with both a Box account and a Salesforce account can access these integration parts.

When you log into Box for Salesforce for the first time, your Box account and your Salesforce account are linked. 


Customizing Box Settings

Box allows you to customize settings for the following integration features:

  • Auto-Collab: When you visit a record that has associated content, you are automatically added as a collaborator to the record-specific folder on Box.
  • Seamless Login: You only have to authenticate to Box when you first log into Salesforce. Once authenticated via the Box Files tab or in the Box widget, you are automatically logged into Box during subsequent Salesforce login instances.

To disable either of these settings, follow this procedure:

  1. Log into Salesforce.
  2. Navigate to the Box Settings tab. If it is not visible, click the + tab and search in the All Tabs page.
  3. You can disable the Auto-Collab settings and add yourself manually as a collaborator to records of your choice, upon visiting them.

  4. If your administrator enabled Seamless Login, you have the option to disable this feature for your account.


Viewing Box Files from Salesforce

To access your Box files from Salesforce, follow this procedure:

  1. Log into Salesforce.
  2. Navigate to the + tab and click Customize my tabs.
  3. Add the Box Files tab to your default display and begin accessing your Box files from Salesforce.


Creating New Folders Using Box Embed

When you navigate to a new record in Salesforce, you see the Box widget in your Salesforce layout.

If a Salesforce record does not have any associated content, you have the ability to create a new folder and add yourself as a collaborator.

If a Salesforce record already has associated content, you can access content within that record’s Box folder and use the same Box collaboration features without leaving Salesforce.


Box Folder Structure

Each end user has a unique folder structure for their Salesforce content in Box. You have the ability to access any folder in which you are a collaborator using the same permissions you have on Salesforce (read/write = editor, read = viewer).

Similarly, you see the Salesforce folder when you access your Box All Files page. Each record is stored under a separate sub-folder based on the object type with the same permissions you have on Salesforce.


Sub-Folders and Workspaces

The Box for Salesforce integration allows you to perform the following functions:

  • Create folder structures and project workspaces from within a Salesforce record.
  • Upload existing folders or generate new folders from within the Box widget.
  • Copy/paste folder templates from your Box account to the record-specific folder.
  • Organize your content in these sub-folders and invite the relevant parties as collaborators.


Realtime Collaboration

Realtime collaboration between Salesforce and Box helps you view updates or changes made within the Salesforce widget in realtime on Box or your mobile device.

Familiar Box features are now available from within Salesforce! See the following links for additional details on each feature:

  • Upload files using the file picker or drag and drop them directly into the widget.
  • Preview files in HTML5 without having to download them first.
  • Share a link by sending it to a colleague, friend, or other connections.
  • Collaborate with people, including external customers, by inviting them to your folders.
  • Comment and assign tasks to increase your social workflow efficiency.


External Collaboration

To share record-specific content with external parties, you can generate an open shared link or create a folder within the Salesforce record and invite external collaborators.

  • Create sub-folders to share content:

  • Invite third-parties and/or customers to collaborate:


Seamless Login

If seamless login is enabled when you log into Salesforce, you go through the authentication process only once. During subsequent visits to Salesforce record, the integration allows you to automatically log into Box. This seamless access to the Box widget provides easy access to Box when you are already logged into Salesforce.


Note: If your administrator has disabled the seamless login feature for your enterprise, you will be prompted to log into Box to access content within the record-specific widget or the Box Files tab each time your browser session expires.


Salesforce1 Mobile

Using the Salesforce 1 mobile application, you can directly access record-specific content stored in Box.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate record in the Salesforce 1 mobile application.
  2. Swipe right to view the Box Content mobile card associated with the record and to access the files.

You also have the option to leave the Salesforce 1 mobile application and access your content from a Box mobile application.


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We look forward to receiving feedback about the installation process and the integration through Salesforce AppExchange.



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