Box for iOS - How Do I View a List of Recently Opened Files?



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The Recently Opened section provides quick access to your recently-viewed files.

The following files will appear in this section:

  • Actively-previewed files
  • Files opened from a shared link
  • The last 100 files that you viewed
How to access your list
1. Tap on Recently Opened under Files
2. A list of your recently opened files will be displayed
Managing your List
There are two ways that you can delete a file from this list:
1. Tap on Multi Selection
2. Check the required file(s) that you would like to remove
3. Tap the Remove from Recents
1. Tap on Clear All
2. A pop up message will appear asking you to confirm
When using the Recently Opened section, be aware of the following behavioral nuances:
  • You cannot delete a file from Box using this function
  • When you swipe to preview a file, it does not appear in the recently-opened list
  • When you select and swipe a file from this section, it displays the next item in the folder where the file resides



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