What Is a Shared Link Report?



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The Shared Link report is a file and folder-based report that provides details on Box shared links.


Generating a Shared Link Report

To generate a Shared Link report, follow this procedure:

  1. Access the Box Reports tool.
  2. Click the Shared Links Details link in the Reports pane. The Download Shared Link Details pop-up displays.

  3. Click Okay. The report is downloaded to your Box Reports folder and is visible in your All Files page.

  4. Click Open folder to open the Box Reports folder where your Shared Links report is stored.

Shared Link Report Details

The Shared Link report provides the following information for each shared link:

  • Owner Login: The login name of the managed user who owns this shared file or folder.
  • Folder/File ID: The Box ID for the shared file or folder.
  • Folder/File Name: The name of the shared file or folder
  • Path: The path for the shared file or folder.
  • Shared Link Status: The status based on the folder or file shared link settings.
  • Shared Link: The actual shared link url
  • Custom URL: The custom URL for the shared link, if configured.
  • Password: The password for the shared link, if configured.
  • Expiration: The expiration date for the shared link, if configured.

These shared link details depend on the following settings:

Shared Link Report Order

In September 2014, Box improved the performance of the Shared Link report by ordering the default results generated in the report so each user's shared links do not appear in the same order as their folder tree.

To view the report in the folder tree order, open the report in Excel and sort by both the User column and the Item Path column.

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