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This article details advanced search options in Box. Specifically, it covers:


Advanced Search Filters
To filter search results in Box, first execute a query using the search field in the header. Then, use the filter options to the right of your search results and click Filter Results. You can filter based on the following categories:





Any Folder is the default. You can also filter results to those within a specific folder by typing the name or by navigating to a folder through your folder structure.


Any Owner is the default for this filter. You can limit your results by filtering for a particular owner.

Box has a specific definition of a document owner and a document creator. An owner is the person who is designated as an owner based on Box's permission set.

Suppose you upload a document into a folder where you were invited as a collaborator with upload permissions. If you do not have ownership rights, you’re not the owner of the document you uploaded. The person who owns that folder is the owner of that document. Hence if you filter by owner, you’ll restrict the search by ownership, not by those who may have edited or uploaded a particular document. Note that co-owners are not considered owners in advanced search.


Any Type is the default, and you can use the dropdown menu to select from a range of content types (including Audio, Box Note, or Image). Additionally, you may select more than one content type.

Date Modified

Any Time is the default. You can select from a range of relative timeframes (e.g., Past Day, Past Month, Past Year) or enter a Custom Range.

The times are always relative to the time the query is executed.

The date applies only to the document updated date, so if a document was uploaded on 1/2/2012 and then updated on 1/7/2012, a search filter that restricts the date range from 1/1/2012 – 1/5/2012 excludes this document.

Note: When a document is uploaded initially, its created date and updated date is the same.

The dates are inclusive, so if you want to search for documents updated on a specific date, you can use the custom date field and set both the From and To that specific date.

The Past Day filter includes all documents that were updated the day before and the day of, so it includes both yesterday and today.


Any Size is the default for this filter. You can choose to filter your search results based on the size of the files or folders.

Search Within

Everything is the default, which means your search results will include matched search terms in any aspect of a file or its attributes. You can filter your search results to show only matches in specific file attributes or properties such as: Name, Components, Description, File Content, or Tags.

Note: Each time you execute a new query using the search field in the header, all filters from previous searches will be cleared.



Select Template is the default item and will return results that include have data in any metadata field from any template. This filter allows you to filter your search results to only those files that have been given metadata according to the particular template chose. 

Note: The option to filter search by metadata is only available to accounts with established metadata templates. To create a metadata template, please email or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Saving a specific search query as a Box bookmark

For information on how to save a specific search query as a Box bookmark for future use, see: Box Search Tips.  

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