Collaboration Invites and Account Creation



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When someone with your enterprise’s domain receives an invitation to collaborate in a folder and they don’t yet have a Box account, an account will be provisioned and that user will automatically become a managed user under your enterprise instance.

For example,, who is already a managed user, invites colleague, who doesn’t have an existing Box account, to a folder. Allen Madison’s Box account will automatically be created as a managed user under your Box instance. This applies to all email domains that are attributed to your Box instance.

Why is this important?

For greater security, this ensures that all domain users are managed under your Box instance so that you have complete oversight and control over their content storage and collaboration in Box.

How to identify these users

You can easily identify the accounts created this way through the Admin Console reporting section.

1. Do not select any groups so the report captures all users

2. Select “Created new user” under “User and Group Management”

3. The details column will show when the user was created by “Collaboration Invite”


For more information, see this video on how to pull the report.

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