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This feature allows you to mark folders or files as Favorites by starring them. Any time you are looking at folders or files (e.g., looking at your All Files page or looking at files within a particular folder) you can click the star icon to the right of a folder or file to add it to Favorites. 
Viewing Favorites
On the All Files page, the right hand column has a Favorites menu with up to 15 favorited items showing. If you have more than 15 items favorited, you can see the full list by clicking View More
Removing Favorites
If you hover over a favorited item, you will see a yellow star appear. To remove a file or folder from your Favorites, click on the yellow star
You can also view and remove favorited items by clicking Favorites at the top of your Favorites list. You will be taken to a page displaying all your favorited items.
From there, hover over the item you want to remove, and click the yellow star. From this view, un-favorited items will not disappear until the page is refreshed, so if you accidentally un-favorite any items you can easily add them back to your Favorites. 
Note: Once you select Favorites, they will appear across all your Box applications.
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