Google Docs: Enabling Concurrent Editing



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  1. Google Drive settings
  2. Editing access for anyone
  3. Editing access for the company
  4. Known issues

Your Google Drive Share Settings determine the concurrent editing feature availability for your enterprise.

See Integrating with Google Docs for integration details.


Google Drive settings

To configure or verify your Google Drive settings, follow this procedure.

  1. Go to

  2. Click Drive.

  3. Click Sharing Settings.

  4. Review your settings in this Shared Settings page.


For security and auditing purposes, be aware of the following nuances:
  • When you create a link for anyone, Box temporarily creates a Google Drive open shared link for the associated file.
  • When you create a link for a company, Box temporarily creates a Google Drive company link for the associated file. While doing so, Box configures one company email domain to have access. Box determine this email domain from the list of enterprise domains for your Box enterprise. It is possible that Google Drive does not allow company links to be accessed across two different domains owned by your company.


Editing access for anyone

Concurrent editing access for anyone addresses the following groups:

  • Anyone in a Google Apps enterprise ﹣ The person who owns this Google Drive file and creates the shared link should configure his/her Google Drive Shared Settings page, by checking the following options:
    • Users can share files outside this organization
    • Allow users to share outside the domain to people who are not using a Google account 
  • Users with a personal Google account having access to the file ﹣ The person who owns this Google Drive file will have access to the open shared link.


Editing access for the company

If the file owner checks the Users cannot share file outside this Organization setting, everyone in this enterprise can access this file using their Google enterprise account. The file owner can also configure any corresponding combination for the File Visibility settings.

Everyone else receives the following permission error.


Known Issue

If your Box account is already associated with a Google account and you are not currently logged into that account, Google blocks you from viewing the editor due to the Google drive authentication not being verified. In this case, you may see a blank page. The blank page is a Google security measure. You can also verify if this is the issue by using your browser's developer tools to identify if you received a console error (for example, an w-frame-option blocked this page).

Workaround: If you see a blank page when you try to edit a Google document, verify that you are signed into Google using the Google account associated with your Box account and reopen the editor.



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