Deleting Synced Folders



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Prior to November 2014, if you deleted a synced folder locally, that folder was unsynced on the web application.


Sync folder deletion behavior

As of November 2014, the behavior for personal and collaborative folders is as follows:

  • Personal folder: If you delete a synced personal folder locally, that folder is deleted on Box.
  • Collaborative folder: If you delete a collaborative folder, you will receive a warning message that the folder will be deleted for all collaborators. At this point, you can choose to confirm the deletion or just Unsync the folder (see notification below).


User notifications

You will receive a Box Update Notice about this change in behavior:

  • If you are already logged in, the Update Notice window displays as soon as the auto-update completes.
  • When you log in for the first time after the auto-update completes, you will see the Update Notice window.

If you delete a collaborated folder, you will also receive a Box Sync pop-up that confirms your intent to delete when other users are also collaborating in this folder.


You can optionally check the Always delete collaborated folders check box to ensure that this pop-up does not appear for any future deletions.


Deleting collaborated folders

When you delete a collaborated folder, that folder is permanently deleted from every collaborator's account.

Note: If this folder is partially synced, additional items not visible on your computer may also be permanently deleted from Box. Deleting parent folders locally from your Box Sync folder could cause subfolders on the web application to be deleted inadvertently. For More information see: Can I Prevent Content From Being Permanently Deleted?


Unsyncing collaborated folders

When you unsync a collaborated folder, you are only removing it from your computer ﹣ it remains in the parent folder and all other collaborators continue to have access to that folder. This action must be taken from the web application (the other actions described here can be taken locally from the Box Sync folder on your computer). 

To enable Box Sync on any folder, see How to Get Started with Box Sync.


Accidentally deleting folders

If you accidentally delete folders, the person who deleted the folder or the folder owner can recover the folder. See My files are Gone! What do I do? for additional information.

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