Box Sync 4.0 Initial Troubleshooting



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This article describes some common Box Sync issues and initial steps to follow if files are not syncing between the local Box Sync folder and the Box web app. 

A "healthy" Box Sync folder:

1. The Box Sync folder appears in the favorites section.  If the Box Sync folder is not here, make sure you have Box Sync installed and that is it installed on a local native drive.  It will be on a local native drive by default.

2. Files and folders have blue check mark icons that indicate successful syncing (blue circle with white check on Mac).  On Windows, if there are no icons, you may be logged out of Box Sync.  If there are orange icons, the sync is in progress.  If there are gray icons, there was an error syncing that item.

3. The blue Box (black "b" on Mac) icon appears in the system tray to indicate that Box Sync is running and you are logged in.  If the Box icon is gray (gray "b" on mac), make sure you are logged in to Box Sync.  If the icon is not there, try restarting Box Sync from the Start Menu or Spotlight Search.


I see a Box Sync folder on my computer, but it's empty

In this case, the first thing to check is that your folders are "marked for Sync" on the Box web app.  More information about marking content for Sync can be found here.

Next, logging out of Box Sync and logging back in signals to Box Sync to look for folders/files that need to sync.


I add files to my Box Sync folder, but my coworker can't see them

In this situation, it is good to isolate the problem: Is this a problem with one of the computers or both?  Is this a problem with uploads, downloads or both?

1. Does your Box Sync folder look "healthy" based on the three criteria above?  

2. Do your changes in Box Sync show up in the web app?  If not, make sure Box Sync is running and you are logged in.  

3. Do changes on the Box web app appear in your Box Sync folder?  If not, make sure the parent folder is marked for Sync.

4. If you are able to see changes in your Box Sync folder and on the Box web app, the next step is for your coworker to check their Box Sync setup following the same process. 

5. Your coworker will also need to mark the folder for Sync on their account in order for changes to appear in their Box Sync folder.


One thing to note is that folders can have Sync enabled for "all items" or "some items." To see this, hover your mouse over the Sync icon on the Box web app.  If Sync is enabled for all items, any new items will be marked for Sync by default.  However, if Box Sync is enabled for some items, any new items will not be marked for Sync by default.



Some of my files fail to sync and have gray icons.

Gray icons in the Box Sync folder indicate that a file has failed to sync.  More information about why this is occurring can be found by looking at the problem file notifications.


On Windows, files have gray icons that indicate unsuccessful syncing.  Right clicking on the Box icon in the system tray will bring up a menu.  This also indicates if there are syncing errors.  Clicking on Error syncing 1 file... brings up a window that shows files that could not sync and a short description of why the sync failed.  More information about these Problem File Notifications can be found here.

Mac OSX:

Similarly, on Mac, the icons will be gray.  To find the Problem File Notifications, click on the b icon in the upper right near the clock, then click on Error syncing 1 file....

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