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Once Box Sync is installed, you can start syncing content from to your computer.  You can control the content you have in your local Box Sync folder by marking content for Sync on your account.  Each collaborator controls which folders appear in their Box Sync folder.  A folder that is marked for Sync will have a blue circle icon on the bottom left of the folder icon. 

  • To mark a folder for Sync, navigate to your account follow the steps below. Please note that you must have Editor Access or higher to use Box Sync on a folder!
  1. Right click on the folder you’d like to sync to your computer.
  2. Select "Sync Folder to Computer".
  3. Click the Sync Folder button to begin syncing to your computer.
  4. You should see a blue icon with white arrows appear beside the folder to designate it as a folder that’s syncing back and forth to your Box Sync folder.


  • Adding files and folders to the Box Sync folder on your computer will automatically upload them to your account on and mark them for Sync

One thing to note is that folders can have Sync enabled for "all items" or "some items." To see this, hover your mouse over the Sync icon on the Box web app.  If Sync is enabled for all items, any new items in the folder will be marked for Sync by default.  However, if Box Sync is enabled for some items, any new items in the folder will not be marked for Sync by default.

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