February - April 2015 EOL Notice



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Box for Salesforce v2.44 and Earlier
  • We will deprecate Box for Salesforce packages v2.44 and earlier on March 31, 2015. Please note that we have already contacted affected customers still using older versions with instructions to upgrade. To verify your current version, Salesforce Administrators can log into Salesforce and navigate to Setup > Build > Develop > Installed Packages "Box for Salesforce". If you have not been contacted, no action is required. 
Box Sync 3x
  • Users that haven't upgraded to the latest Box Sync 4x version by June 30, 2015 will be logged out of their desktop Box Sync client and see an error message. 
  • We are nearing full feature parity between Crocodoc and Box View, at which point we plan to deprecate the Crocodoc service. Crocodoc service will continue as normal in the interim, and we will remain in close communication with our Crocodoc customers to ensure a smooth transition. 
  • Crocodoc customers interested in getting started with Box View and/or leveraging our Crocodoc to Box View migration tool should reference this FAQ. 
Java SDK
"All Tags" Feature
  • We will depreciate the "All Tags" filter on March 30, 2015Users will no longer see "All Tags" when viewing the tag filter list or when adding a new tag. All other tagging capabilities will remain unchanged. Please reference Tagging Content in Box for more information on the tagging feature.
  • The two alternative workarounds available to users are to type the tag manually when adding/filtering by tag or to type the tag manually once and apply to a piece of content the user owns. The tag will now show up in "My tags" when a user is adding/filtering by tags.
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