Known Issue: Google Chrome Alert - 'This site uses a plugin (Box Edit) that will soon be unsupported'



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Recently, Google announced they were phasing out support for NPAPI plugins, which is the architecture supporting Box Edit v2. As a result of this, we have re-architected Box Edit Version 3 so that it no longer uses NPAPI plug-ins. You can install this updated version of Box Edit from

While some customers are still in the process of upgrading to v3, Google has started including an alert into versions of Chrome starting at v43. The alert says "This site uses a plugin (Box Edit) that will soon be unsupported." with a link to learn more from Google about the deprecation of NPAPI.

Users seeing this error are encouraged to update to Box Edit v3. If an upgrade is not feasible in your environment or you do not use Box Edit, the alert may be dismissed.The alert does not have any impact on the Box Webapp or other Box-related functions.

Box Edit v2 will continue to work until Google officially ends support for NPAPI plugins later this year.

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