August 2015-October 2015 End of Life (EOL) Notice



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We're working constantly to improve the user experience on Box, and sometimes that means removing complex or rarely used functionality to make room for an even better product. Full details on two such features that will be removed from the Box product throughout this quarter are available below
Box for MDM (Mobile Device Management providers) on iOS EOL
  • We will end support for Box for MDM (iOS) and remove the apps from Apple's Volume Purchase Program on October 31, 2015.  Users will be able to use Box for EMM (iOS) instead.  
  • Box for EMM (integrations with MaaS360, MobileIron and AirWatch) has replaced Box for MDM as the Box solution for admins who want to manage their end users' mobile access.  Box for EMM is a better, more robust way to control Box mobile access on managed devices, has been adopted by nearly all customers who were formerly using Box for MDMs, and represents our future strategy in the EMM space.
Box Edit version 2 EOL
  • We will end support of Box Edit version 2 on October 31, 2015 and encourage all v2 users to upgrade to v3.  Box Edit v2 will not work after this date and we will not provide fixes for critical bugs or security gaps. To prepare for this transition, we pushed a silent auto-update to nearly all users on v2 to v3 on August 3, 2015
  •  Box Edit Version 2 uses a mechanism called NPAPI plug-ins, which browsers like Google Chrome are phasing out. We re-architected Box Edit in Version 3 to no longer utilize the NPAPI plug-ins, improving the security and reliability of Box Edit.  We sent communication to customers with instructions on how to best prepare the customer environment for the auto-upgrade.  Please refer to this email for full details on the auto-upgrade.  

Box support for Internet Explorer 8 EOL
  • We will end support for Internet Explorer 8 on December 31, 2015.  Users will not be able to use Box via the Internet Explorer 8 browser following the EOL.  Users will be able to access Box on any of the supported web browsers
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