Using Box in Virtual Environments



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Box offers Virtual Machine (Virtual Desktop) support for the following products: Box Sync, Box Edit and Box for Office. However, there are a few limitations when using Box in a virtual environment.
Please see the table below for details on unsupported scenarios:
 Supported in Virtual Environments?
 Box Sync
  • Multiple instances of Sync cannot be run on a single machine. Example: John and Mary both use computer A. They have separate machine logins. Both John and Mary cannot have Sync running at the same time on their different accounts.
  • Not recommended for configurations where user sessions are wiped out after users log out, since this requires all content to be re-synced on each log in. 
  • Not supported in a virtual application environment.
 Box Edit
  • Not supported in a virtual application environment.
 Box for Office
  • Not supported in a virtual application environment.
Important Note: Box products are not supported in virtual application environments.
A virtual application environment keeps application software in a virtual layer, separate from the operating system it's running on (e.g. Citrix XenApp). A fully virtualized application is not actually installed on any machine. When it runs, the application acts like it is interacting directly with the operating system, but it is really interacting with a virtual resource. 
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