Extremely Slow Syncing - Box Drive

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  • Frank

    Painfully slow! Gotten worse over the last few days!

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  • 道見 茂

    We have same problem for the past week. After creating/updating files, it often takes a couple of hours to show up on other devices(PC's). It's impossible to work together in our business team.  

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  • France

    Hi Everyone,

    Welcome to the Box Community, I'm happy to help!

    To confirm, have you tried to connect your devices to a different wifi/network to see if that makes any difference with Box Drive's performance?

    Also, can you make sure that you have the latest version of Box Drive on your computer?

    Let me know how it goes and if you have questions.


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  • TH

    Yes, I tried it on a different network.  The issue is also happening with different users with multiple devices on different networks.

    I am also noticing that even after a day, Box drive has not synced with was on the Box website.   This is more than a small delay

    Everyone is running Box Drive Version 2.30.87

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  • Roland Feichter

    Hy there,

    I have fthsi troubles with the lagging too.


    It is syncing, but when I creat a new folder ... it takes a couple of seconds ... 

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