Access token is not getting , In valid refresh token

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  • Neeraj Maurya

    My Account Detail is.

    Client ID : hzrzcznrzaeiczf32ym6zw1v4lbtpxbp

    Client Secret : fxdWjUvpigrHUJkW42eqj1idZroqPvAu

    Redirect URI :

    Server Response is:

    Box_API Object
        [client_id] => hzrzcznrzaeiczf32ym6zw1v4lbtpxbp
        [client_secret] => fxdWjUvpigrHUJkW42eqj1idZroqPvAu
        [redirect_uri] =>
        [access_token] => 
        [refresh_token] => B7kPCoU7KkPlMWHjRM1sgI8x8gOuLTU4rwJZgrhVoXujV28caJAisF4FGhgsNo4t
        [authorize_url] =>
        [token_url] =>
        [api_url] =>
        [upload_url] =>
        [error] => Invalid refresh token

    Please let me know. Why is not getting access_token with sub domain. same code working on other server

    is it sub domain issue or other.?

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