Metadata Query - Search files using "created_at"

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  • Peter Christensen

    Hi Agar

    The Metadata Query does not support querying the 'file properties' such as created_at, size etc. Only fields that are part of a metadata template created in your enterprise can be queried. See

    Our standard search API does support this via the 'created_at_range' attribute:

    Depending on your exact requirements and how you load data, you could consider populating a metadata field with the created date to allow you to query on it via the query API

    Best regards, Peter Christensen, Platform Solutions Engineer, Box

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  • AgarA

    Hi Peter. Thanks for the response. Because of the 10min delay, the search API is not something we can rely on. So metadata query is the way to go. 

    And yes we can add these into the metadata field but was hoping to get something out of the box from the metadata query. 

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