Which authentication should I use?

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    Hello Robert, 

    You'll want to use JWT authentication based on the use case you've described. Take a look at our .NET SDK, which will make authentication a lot easier than writing the logic yourself. Also, here's how you would search and download.

    Good luck! 

    Kourtney, Box Developer Advocate

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  • Robert Grimes

    Thank you for the links. I had already figured out how to make this work along these lines. However there are two portions (from what I understand) that are not obvious and really key.


    1. For JWT to work, the service account has to have access to the downloadable files. The way I accomplished this was to add the service account as a collaborator. Without a huge amount of searching, I would have never come to this conclusion.

    2. Searching for an exact match is not really an exact match. I am not sure who thought exact match could mean just word parts and the entire string. I found a reference to enclose the query string in quotes, again not obvious.


    Again thanks for the help, even though I already I found the solution on my own.

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