• France

    Hi Rowell, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    To make sure that every angle is checked, can you do the following and let us know how it goes?:

    • Can you try to clear cache and cookies for your browser. Here is an article that walks through how to do this on the different browsers that Box supports.
    • Login to Box Account and access this file using different browsers.
    • Try disabling add-ons or extensions on your browser/s to see if it makes any difference.
    If this did not help, do you mind providing more information or even share a screenshot? This will help out other members of the community to answer your question. 
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  • Divyeshkumar Patel


    Today I suddenly see this error

    "We’re sorry, we can’t preview this file type in your web browser. To view this content please download and open it on your device."

    I downloaded but it doesn't allow me to download either.

    I haven't even blocked this Box Website from my Both Edge & Chrome Browsers

    Please Advise.

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