• Stefano Bacin

    I second the request. Users need a stable, non-beta version that doesn't require Reduced Security mode.

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  • France

    Hi Adriaan and Stefano,

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    Box Drive still leverages kernel extensions in the most recent version. It is on our product roadmap to release a version of Drive leveraging System Extensions later in the year, though we cannot provide an exact date for when this will be expected. 

    We have mentioned this information on the guidelines we released for Box Drive M1 public beta


    • Box Drive utilizes kernel extensions currently.  With M1 devices, users will need to enable Reduced Security mode in order to run applications that use kernel extensions.  Later this year, Box will release a version of Box Drive that no longer requires kernel extensions, therefore no longer requiring Reduced Security mode to run. In the interim, customers who would like to use Box Drive will need to enable Reduced Security mode in order to use the product.

    Thanks for your understanding and let us know how else we can help!


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