Direct transfer docs stored on Amazon S3 bucket directly to Box for rendering back to the browser

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  • Murtza

     Unfortunately, this is currently not possible. We don't have a way to upload files to Box by providing a URL to a file. 


    As you mentioned, you would have to download the file from S3 to your server, upload it to Box, and then call the Generate Embed Link endpoint to preview the file. 


    A potential workaround to enable this use case without a server would be using a middleware service like Zapier that has prebuilt integrations with Box and S3. Another workaround would be using AWS Lambda download the file from S3 and then upload it to Box.

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  • Unscrypted

    Hi Murtza,


    Thanks for your reply.


    I discovered this in the URL Upload in the View API documentation:



     and am wondering if this is what I should use or is this API becoming deprecated?  If it is being deprecated, is there anything similar in the current .NET SDK?

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