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  • DavidJBox

    Hello, there is not an enforced limit but once you start heading into the tens of thousands of items in a folder, UI and API performance could be affected so I'd recommend considering a structure if it's likely to exceed this.


    Hope this helps.



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  • Jayfray

    Thanks !  This was helpful.  The only reason why I asked is because I am having trouble designing my app.  Let me give you some background:


    The part of my app that will use Box will be used as a storage for files.  Think of this as a crude DAM.  The users ingest files into the app.  I seamlessly store them in Box and thus the users don't care how or where the files go they just need to access them later.  I store the files by an internal ID known to my app and thus know how to retrieve them later.  



    I tried using the search functionality to find the files but the 5 - 10 min delay until I can search doesn't work for me because the users could need the files right away after they ingest.  The only way then to get the file is to traverse the folder structure.  But because Box requires me to know the internal ID of the folders to get the content I have to "walk the tree".  This is proving to be slow.



    If I know the file name and full path by name only what is the fastest way to download the file?

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