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  • EricaC

    I am really glad. It was SUPER frustrating yesterday. 🙂

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  • mschwartz

    Sorry about that, . We deprecated a lot of low-traffic pages and implemented a new information architecture. Let us know if you run into any information you can't find! 

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  • thiago_tsn



    I'm trying to authenticate my app with the Box through JWT, but in the 3th step that says:


    "Step 3: Grant Access for the Application in Your Enterprise

    Once your keys have been generated, your JWT application will need to be authorized within your Box enterprise by your enterprise admin.

    With access to the enterprise admin console, use the following steps to grant access to your application:

    1. Open the enterprise admin console business settings.
    2. Click on the Apps link in the nav at the top of the page.
    3. Scroll down to the Custom Applications section and click on the Authorize New App** button.
    4. When asked for the API key, enter the client ID for the JWT application that you created during the first step."

    The 2nd sub-step I think that is something deprecated, once that by access the "enterprise admin console businesse settings" and clicking in the "App" in the top, don't show nothing like "Authorize New App".


    Could you help me, please?



    Thiago Nobrega.

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  • jcleblanc

    Hi ,


    There are a few possibilities that I can see here, depending on your setup:

    1. If you don't own the enterprise (such as you're a user at your company) then the enterprise admin will need to add your application for you. I'll add a note in the docs about this as it's a good callout that's missing.
    2. If this is a personal Box account and you are the enterprise owner (for a personal account then you'll be the enterprise owner) then it could be an account activation issue.

    For #1: Not the enterprise owner

    If you head over to the Box account settings page ( and scroll all the way to the bottom you should see a contact under "Admin Contact". If you message them with your client ID and app info they will be able to add the app to your enterprise.


    For #2: Personal account

    For this instance I just ran a test with a new account to run through the process. Go to your Box account settings ( and go down to the section for "Admin Options" and click on the button for "Business Settings". Once that page loads up it should now say "Developer" under "Account Type" at the top of the page. 


    Once done, can you go back to the Apps tab and see if the "Custom Applications" section is now present please?


    Let me know if any of that doesn't work properly. I can dig in further.


    - Jon


    > Edit: The callouts in that section for what to do if you're not the enterprise admin / owner have now been integrated in the docs.

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  • thiago_tsn

    Hi @


    Thanks for your quick answer.


    I'm a employee, not the enterprise owner. So, I've already send an email for my company's admin user, asking to authorize my application. I'm waiting for his answer now.


    I accessed the page you ask, and rolled down, but couldn't find the "Admin Options" section. The last one is "Account Details". (I tend to believe that it is because i'm not a admin user, right?)


    Thanks in advance,

    Thiago Nobrega.

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