BOX View API : Why am i getting the uploaded documnet status is queued..

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  • Paul



    Currently, when a document is uploaded to Box View, it goes through a few different stages which are reflected in the "status" parameter in the response.


    The first stage is the document is "queued" as you are seeing in the response. If you check the status of the document by making this call:


    The status will change to "processing" when the document is being converted, and then to "done" when the document is finished, and is ready to create a session. If you attempt to create a session before the document status is "done" you will get a 202 response which includes a "Retry-After" header, but it has no body in the response, which is why it's currently empty.


    You should wait until the document is done before attempting to create a session.


    Also, as a side note, I removed the API keys from your request. Those should not be posted publicly, as they are the authentication step into your Box View instance.





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  • mindflash

    Hi Paul or Box Team,


    What is the equivalent of this in the new v2 Box API? How can I get the document status after I upload a file to know that the document is finished converting and ready to create a session? Or is this no longer needed when a document is uploaded using the new uploadFile API:


    Thank you,


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