How to know whether a user is paid or not?

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  • cary

    Hey , 


    There is no endpoint in the API and functionality in the SDK to check whether a user is paid or not. However, I would love to learn more about what you are trying to do, maybe we can arrive at another solution.


    What do you mean by direct link?



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  • Kamran1892

     The functionality is required as the application that we are designing will be used by our clients having either paid or unpaid accounts. So there is a need to set {shared_link: { unshared_at: '0000' } } for paid members and 

    { shared_link: serviceAccountClient.accessLevels.DEFAULT } for unpaid members.
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  • cbetta

     so to clarify, you want to know if they’ve paid you, or if they have a paid Box account?


    We don’t have an API to check if a user is a paid Box user at the moment. To check if a user has paid you, we recommend keeping your own mapping between the user ID (or enterprise ID) and their paid status in your own database.


    Does that help?

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