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  • jcleblanc

    Hi ,


    Uploading small files can be done with the upload file endpoint, which doesn't require a size to be added.


    Of course, since you're getting the file sent in chunks then it is most likely a large file, which you would need the chunked upload option for - this requires a size. The best practice here is to capture all chunks from the 3rd party, put it together into the original file, then upload to Box. You'll have knowledge of the file size once reassembled. 


    - Jon 

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  • ivanov1



    Thanks for your answer.

    Unfortunately this will be a problem, I am not sure if my app will have access to the filesystem or enough memory to collect all chunks before start sending them to box. So I need to look for some other approach if possible.


    I will probably work with large video files in most cases over few GBs


    Is there a way to append data to existing box file?

    1) Upload 1MB file

    2) Open same file and add 10MB to end up with 11MB file on the box?


    BTW I am using "Custom app" from box side for integration







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  • jcleblanc

    Unfortunately not , chunked upload will require you to have a completed file before upload starts, meaning you can't upload one part, then add another at a later time. This is because the uploader will need to verify that the parts are put together based off of the file metadata that is supplied from you start uploading.

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