Is there a way to do an "exact" search?

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  • Murtza

     You can run an exact match search programatically by putting your query in quotes. Please keep in mind that you have to escape the quotes with backslashes. 


    Below is an example using our Ruby SDK. This same functionality is possible with our Python and Node SDKs.



    require 'boxr'
    client ='DEVELOPER_TOKEN')
    search_query = "\" text to find \""
    search_results =
    puts search_results


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  • SalsaShark42

    Thank you--seems to work fine!  It would be useful if this was included in the API documentation.

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  • Hazeeta

    But how do I search for one exact word using the regular search box in the web interface? If I search for 'limitation' in the search bar I get 120 pages of documents with all kinds of things highlighted as the term 'Limit', 'Limited', etc. Not helpful at all if I cann't remove or control the 'fuzzuness'  of the search...

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  • monte1

    Look below the search box. You can limit your results based on dates, owner, files size,metadata, folder and others options.


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