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Setting content-type of response for download link

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  • James

    Hi ,


    Welcome to the Box Community and thanks for the detailed question!


    Do you know if you are able to download the PKPass file from a different source (i.e. email client), will your device recognize the file and open it the way you would like it to?

    • Have you experienced this issue with any other method of downloading this filetype on your mobile device?


    Reading up a bit on this filetype, I see it is a type of .zip file. I'm wondering if this is an inherent issue with the file type where you will be unable to open it as a Pass if it didn't originate from Apple Wallet PassBook.

    • How is this filetype typically generated?
      • Do you receive it from within the Apple Wallet PassBook app?


    If this does not help identify the issue, I'd recommend opening a case directly with our support team so that they can provide you more personalized support. In the ticket, please provide all of the information from this thread. Use this link to submit a ticket.


    Kind Regards,



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  • aliatsoft

    Hi James,


    The file opens fine (associates with correct app) on iOS when attached to email. The download also works from AWS S3 after setting the proper content-type (i.e. application/vnd.apple.pkpass)


    The file is an apple standard signed package (using zip as underlying technology). The pass is being generated using pkpass SDKs (tried ObjectiveC/swift and Java with same results)




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  • Howard

    Thanks  for your response!


    Hi ,

    We have moved your question to the developer forum for better visibility and answers to your specific question. Let the community know if you have any more information to share. 


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