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  • LoCortes

    Hello ,

    welcome to the forums 🙂


    For the first point you can use webhooks: They allow to subscribe a lot of events and then execute any service you have available.


    About the second point, the SDK and BOX API are free for what I know, what you pay is for user (named and app users). Named users = real users. Appusers = technical users with limitations on the API usage like 5 or 10 concurrent threads per second and 10.000 calls per day, something like that.



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  • SalsaShark42

    The API limits are the same for both Managed Users and App Users.  The differences are more in the implementation (two-legged OAuth2 with JWT vs. three-legged OAuth2) and the ability to compartmentalize your documents by application.


    Am not sure how much a Managed User license costs compared to an App User license, so perhaps that is also a factor in which way you'd go...

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  • JoyMDA

    Thanks for your reply!

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