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    As the folder being downloaded will be saved as zip file on desktop this zip file size cannot exceed the File size limit of the folder owner. Please verify with the owner of the folder where you are trying to download to verigy what is their upper file size limit.


    File size limit can be found under Account settings / Account details.

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  • michalkoszycki

    there is no upload limit but there is a download limit? 


    can't the app chop it up as it wants?


    Is this a way to trap users inside of box?

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  • BobFlynn-IU



    The current size limit of a single download is 15GB. Given that no single file can exceed 15GB in Box, I guess they figured people could do multiple downloads if they wanted to get more out. 



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  • seanlake

    Our download max is 32 gb, however users are getting a "

    "The selected item(s) exceed the download size limit." 

    as an error. Is it on their end?

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