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Box Drive not showing changes in Box (not syncing?)

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  • esamett

    There remains a need for this "legacy" app to be fixed. The newer app that does not store files on the local computer is NOT compatible with windows search, which is a deal breaker for me. 

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  • Stefan Waner

    I have similar and recurring issues with BOX not syncing on my PC and needing to be forced to quit and then restarted in order to show recent changes in folders where "refresh" does nothing, and where I see no notification messages that BOX is not working.

    This "invisible" failure to sync looks like a critical software flaw. When BOX is not syncing and a BOX folder is clicked on/brought into focus or opened, there needs to be some kind of red flag on the folder icon indicating that it is not up to date or that BOX is not running. Otherwise, users have absolutely no idea that they are using the wrong versions of files.

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  • Teays Box Admin

    Same issue here. Files we update in the web app are not getting synched down to our devices. This includes changes made within Box Drive which get uploaded correctly to the web app but then are not consistently getting downloaded to other users' Box Drive folders. I originally thought the issue was related to the new Office desktop co-authoring feature but it's broader than that. This is happening across all users, all devices (Win10, Win11, MacOS), on various networks (corporate office, homes, hotspots) and with Box Drive 2.27 and 2.28. I even tested it on a personal laptop using our corporate box account and with a personal account and had the same issues.

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