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  • Rona

    Hi Howard, 

    Welcome to Box Community and thanks for posting! 

    I understand that you're looking for ways where you could filter your content search in Box Drive. However, search filter such as advanced search syntax is currently not supported in Box Drive.

    Please check out Box Drive's search functionality in Using Box Drive Basics article. 

    Thanks for your participation in the Community and keep safe! 




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  • hhggzz

    You should consider it for future release.  Even the simple ability to filter by modification date or author would help me 98% of the time.

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  • James McCarthy

    Box Drive has just made my job MUCH harder by not supporting advanced file search. I feel like I've gone back to Windows 95 (or earlier) every time I try to find a file. 

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  • France

    Hi Everyone, 

    For any product feature request or suggestions, we recommend you post your idea on for more visibility. Our product team reviews all submissions and will consider whether to include feedback in their product roadmap. 

    Should any new functionality/ feature come out, we will definitely announce it in Box Product Announcements!

    Thanks for your participation in the Community!

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  • Noel Peberdy

    I agree - the Box search capability is close to worthless for anything serious without some advanced search capabilities - and Box Drive is absolutely useless. Both the box web and box drive search capabilities don't support even the most basic things, and seem to think the search string has OR between the search words.

    The rest of Box is fairly awesome. But this means I have to go back to Box Sync, sync everything to the desktop, (1TB) and do searches with MS Explorer.

    So much for it being a cloud application.


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  • hhggzz

    I agree with Noel's post.  The lack of advanced search really does make this hard to use.  While I'm here - I would like to see:

    1.  AND/OR

    2.  Restrict by author

    3.  Restrict by File Type (ppt, pdf, txt, xls etc)

    4.  Restrict to title only

    5.  Restrict to Full text

    6.  Restrict by file size



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  • Matthew Lefko

    Upvote upvote upvote.  Advanced search features please.  


    Also, while we're at it, how about ditching infinite scroll in the search results.  Infinite scroll is terrible.  

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