When is an inactive account terminated?

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  • France

    Hi Destiny, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    We do not suspend your Box account for inactivity or if you have not been using it or logging in for sometime.

    Your account will remain active and accessible to you as long as you want or until you decide to permanently delete it yourself.


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  • Meg Stevenson

    The answer by Destiny is not accurate.  I just had my account deactivated when it was dormant for more than 120 days.  And now Box will not let me reactivate that free account because the system indicates, "Email already taken."  I have reached out to support and get no response.  I ended up using a Yahoo address that I almost never use so that I could get a free Box account.  And when that is dormant, I am pretty sure Box is going to deactivate that as well.  And then I guess I will keep creating email addresses for myself, not ideal, just to maintain a free Box account, which is a requirement of a third-party company I work with occasionally.

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  • A B

    So, is there an inactivity period for account deletion, and if yes, how long?

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