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    Hi Jim, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    When you log in to our support page (you must be logged in to your Box Account to authorize logging in to our support page) and select "Contact Support" from the top-navigation menu, you will see the different options for contacting the Box Product Support team.

    These options will vary by customer, depending on your account type, agent availability and support subscription level. Options may include submission by web form (email), live chat and, for Premier and Platinum Service customers, a phone support 

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  • jim

    CS sucks


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  • Disappointed Box User

    Apparently you don't without going Platinum, I am in that boat with you trying my 9th Time to get a BAA. Apparently you now need a Platinum Membership to get support for their product to make it functional.

    Sleazy, just sleazy 

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