Files are not synching

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  • France

    Hi Susan, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!
    This would be something our Box Support team would like to investigate with you and may require specific account information. 
    I've gone ahead and created a ticket for you so that an agent can work directly with you on looking into this.
    Please check your email for details and updates.
    Thanks for your patience!
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  • Michael Newham

    I am having the same problems.


    There is only two users in my account and the information I am adding via Box Sync is not finding it's way into the Box files.


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  • Sergey Smirnov

    In a shared folder (located on one PC-windows) there are several files (all visible in Box-online), but only part of them appear in Box folder on another PC (windows). No mistakes or problems are indicated by Box. How to fix that?

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