Maintaining the audit trail of a deleted user (Life Sciences compliance)

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  • France

    Hi Kim, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    Box Reports will still be able to capture deleted managed users' activities under your organization as long as the report is being ran for the whole enterprise. You won't be able filter the user's email address when running the report as it will not recognize the deleted user. The way to collect information from their activities is to run it without putting any filter on the users field and the folder/files field, and once the report is ready and exported, you can then filter the activities using the deleted user's email. The reports should be able to capture their activities within the past 7 years.

    For more information, please refer to this helpful article.

    Let us know if you have any questions and we will do our best to help!

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  • Jose Vasquez (a)

    Yeah I've run into same issue. If you didn't have that much data to sift through that would be fine but usually the activity logs are huge and to generate a report can take a long time to generate then after it completes to do another filter is not practical because I find that to be cumbersome and not to mention even spreadsheets have limitations about how much data you load up. Hope Box can address this via the reporting console to allow emailid or userprincipalname to be still be filtered even after an account is deleted.

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  • Kim Henning

    Thanks, France, for the info (and Jose for the added comment too!).

    I've since gathered this additional info from a Box implementation consultant:

    What happens if you create a legal hold on a user and then delete that user? 

      • Legal hold remains active and the content is still retained. 

     Do reports maintain deleted users' names? 

      • User Activity Report - Name and audit trail remains 
      • User Statistics Report - Name and audit trail remains 
      • Security Logs Report - Name and audit trail remains 
      • Collaboration Report - Name does not remain as this report is a current snapshot of active collaborations
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