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    Alex Novotny

    You would probably want to use our event stream API for this, specifically looking at ITEM_PREVIEW or ITEM_DOWNLOAD events. You can find out more information on using the endpoint in our guide section as well. Outside of this, we don't an API endpoint that combines access statistics like that together for one file.


    Alex, Box Developer Advocate

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  • ThirdPart testSharing

    We have a scenario where our internal enterprise user sharing the file with outside enterprise user through collaboration. We would like to know what date and time, the outside enterprise user viewed or downloaded this file.

    Question 1:

    Does the Event stream API returns the outside enterprise user events info as well?

    Question 2:

    If Event stream API returns outside enterprise user events, for an internal user collaborated file, then without crawling through entire Enterprise event stream API responses, is there any way we can get particular file level all events done by inside or outside enterprise user?

    Our goal is to track a particular file level item preview or item download event info, when collaborated users view or download a particular file.

    Question 3:

    Is there any way, other than Event stream API, can we get this info using internal or external User Events API?

    Thanks for your response!

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