How can I save or import a signature?

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  • France

    Hi Lisa, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    To confirm, you have an existing signature saved on your device and you want to use it when using Box Sign. However, when creating a new Sign Request, you are only prompted these options: "Draw, Type, and Saved". Am I correct? If yes, your request is currently not supported with the Box Sign feature and would highly recommend to lodge this request in Box Pulse, our feedback page.

    Our product managers review requests submitted in this platform and take them into consideration for future product development. 

    Thanks for reaching out and let us know how else we can help!

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  • LY

    Ended up finding the solution to this: I was looking for any way to allow a user to draw a signature once and continue to use it whenever they sign a document. (Preferably they would draw it in Box first, but when I tested this, the Saved section continued to be empty, so I was open to importing an existing image of a signature if that was possible.) However, as of today, one of the signature tests I created a few days ago is now showing up in the Saved area, so it seems there is just a delay before a signature that has been used before starts to appear as a saved option.

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  • Ed Huels

    If I am following, the only way to have a signature saved is to draw it in Box.   Is there way to save an imported signature?

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