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  • Matthew Lefko

    So, I thought I could at least create a normal shortcut in windows, so that anyone viewing the folder structure from file explorer would be able to use the shortcut.  But that isn't working.  I can see the shortcut in file explorer on my end, and it functions like a normal shortcut. But other users cannot see the shortcut in their file explorer.  The shortcut shows up in the web view (even though it does not work in that context).    I dont understand why file explorer is not mirroring the actual folder contents seen in the web view.  Are there other file types that will not mirror correctly between web view and file explorer? 

    It looks like the only option is to drop a URL link in file explorer.  That brings them to the online view of the document.  But creating that shortcut is a bit of a hassle and it makes this shortcut strategy more cumbersome.  

    This situation is ... less than ideal.   

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  • Alyssa A Nelson

    Hi. I also need a 'shortcuts' feature. What's described in the initial suggestion/request already exists in other apps like Google Drive. We use it all the time-- many many use cases.

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  • Denise

    I agree.  I'm so tired of everyone making a copy of a document and putting into a folder so it's easier FOR THEM to find it and then we have multiple copies of a file and everyone updates their own.  With shortcuts, people can leave the master where it is and put a shortcut in their folder if they want to save it elsewhere.  

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  • Kim Noble

    I also really need the shortcut function.  I assumed Box had it since it's pretty ubiquitous with other programs.  Copies of documents really don't work when it's being updated by various folks with access and needs to be kept in the most current version for all.  And as has been mentioned before, the documents are being used by different groups with different intents so it's really cumbersome to send everyone to a generically labeled folder rather than placing a shortcut in a relevant folder for each group alongside other materials that support their work.  

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