How to find an uploaded file from another member

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    Uploaded files will be seen on the folder where you uploaded did. You may use the search button on the upper part of the screen. See this article:

    If you cannot see the files, it might not uploaded successfully. 


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  • Louis Duenweg

    I didn't upload the FILE, another person did - wow, pretty clear in my comment that

    other people NOT me are downloading files, and when they do I CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE.


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  • Joe McGervey

    Same. I'm trying to find some photos uploaded by a coworker but they (probably) put them in the wrong folder. These are photos from his phone, so I don't know the fille names. This was a month ago so the photos are long gone from his phone.

    Annoying that we can't search by uploader. 

    Well, the search function is pretty lousy anyway. Jeez, I wish my company was still using dropbox

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