How to find local address of un-syncable file

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  • France

    Hi Thomas, 

    Welcome to the Box Community, I'm happy to help!

    If you are having problem files that are not syncing to Box due to their size and wish to delete them, you can search them in your Box Drive.

    You can search the file name and once Box Drive shows you result, you can right click that item and then you will have the open to view it in Finder/ Windows.

    For more details on how to use Box Drive search feature, please take a look at this article: 

    Thanks for posting and please let me know how else we can help!


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  • Thomas Barnett-Young

    Hi France,

    Unfortunately, that did not work. When I search for the file in my Box Drive, it doesn't show up. Yet, it still is listed as an issue when I try to sync.

    Do you have any other suggestions?


    Tom Barnett-Young

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  • France

    Hi Tom, 

    Could you check if any of these files exist in this path on your computer:

    • For Windows user the path is C:\users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Box\Box\unsyncedFiles  (You may need to show hidden folders to see \AppData)
    • For Mac it is ~/Library/Application Support/Box/Box/unsyncedFiles

    These are files that have not been uploaded to Box. If these files do exist, and if you want to keep them, copy them to any location outside of C:\users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Box\Box\ (such as your desktop). Proceeding with the steps below deletes these files.

    After you've saved them, can you logout and then re-login from your Box Drive app? 

    Logging out completely removes all traces of your Drive usage from your machine and enables you to log in again as a new user. Also, when you log out, your Box Drive session ends and the login screen displays. In addition, logging out of Box Drive deletes all of the downloaded content you had marked for offline availability. This of course clears up hard disk space on your device. It also returns to an online-only state all of the content you have marked for offline availability. You will have to repeat the process of marking folders for offline availability.

    To log out on Windows

    1. Navigate to the search menu by going to the system tray and clicking the Box icon.
        • Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B.
    2. Click the gear icon, and from the list that displays click Log Out.

    To log out on Mac:

    1. Navigate to the search menu by going to the menu bar and clicking the Box icon.
        • Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Option + Cmd + space.
    2. Click the gear icon, and from the list that displays click Log Out.  

    Box Drive prompts you with an alert about the following types of files:

    • Open Files - You can save and close these files to prevent the loss of any work.
    • Items Uploading - You can wait for these to upload to Box. Box Drive cancels any uploads that do not complete before you log out.
    • Problem Items - These are local files or folders that cannot be synced back to Box. Logging out deletes these items. To view these items, navigate to the Search Menu, click the gear icon, and from the list that displays click Error Updating an Item....

    Let us know how it goes and should you have any questions, and we will do our best to help you!


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