How do you prevent Box app from launching at startup in MacOS Monterey? (login items doesn't solve that)

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  • France

    Hi Gerald, 

    Welcome to the Box Community, I'm happy to help!

    We currently do not have specific steps for this but if you wish to disable applications at start up on your MacBook, this Apple instructions might help:

    Thanks for posting, and let us know how else we assist!


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  • Gerald Trepy

    Hi France,


    Many thanks for your help! I've tried that with no success as the post title suggests.

    My understanding is only items listed in there are supposed to log in at startup. Box never was listed in there. I've tried by listing it, then by hiding it, but no success in both cases. Box would still load at startup.


    I found a script online for Terminal to block Box starting up at startup. It seems to work as intended.


    It seems many users are trying to find a way to not have Box starting up at startup. That could be a option to add for future updates?


    Thank you!

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